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May, 2019 issue

A special feature: State-of-the-art of the skyscraper
  • 2019-5 month issue
  • Table of contents
    • 2019-5 month issue
    • Table of contents

2019 5 issue

A special feature: State-of-the-art of the skyscraper

Product number:2019年5月号 No.798
Body price1,286円(税別)
In a special feature

In the times of the bubble, the future plans such as 100-story super high-rise buildings were announced by Japanese various construction companies. It might have done not come to come true, but these were very attractive for oneself.
In late years plans such as surpassing 1,000m are going in the foreign countries, and it is not 1,000m grade in Japan, but the plan of the skyscraper is progressing much now. The compound use that pursued a way of thinking and convenience as the wide area area as a point slightly different in these so far is it in a change in a way of thinking including making it it. In addition, the examples of the super high-rise seismic isolation increase from needs of BCP technically, too, and various things including the existing building dismantling technology come to be seen from consideration to surrounding environment.
With the appearance of these new needs, the E.E. will evolve more and more in future. I took up various superior techniques by a special feature, but there are many these techniques, and even this magazine is introduced into a current skyscraper. It may be, so to speak, said that the skyscraper is a trade fair of the state-of-the-art.
I want to introduce these introduced latest E.E. and E.E. whom introduction is expected of in future through a skyscraper.

Special feature table of contents

In a special feature
This magazine editing specialty committee member Seiichi Kinoshita, Shinsuke Suzuki
Design, construction technology in the one chapter skyscraper
   BIM inflection of the electric equipment design that considered 1-1 automation
      Nikken Sekkei Osamu Yoshinaga, Takizawa all-out
   A 1-2 skyscraper and building
      This magazine editing specialty committee member Seiichi Kinoshita
   Technique to become the construction simplification in the 1-3 electricity wiring,
      About ceiling wiring robot "you whom there is easily"
      Kandenko Co.,Ltd. Junpei Takemoto
   Construction efficiency by the 1-4 bus duct pull-down method
      Kinden Corp. Seiji Tanaka
Two chapters disaster prevention
   Way of thinking of a 2-1 skyscraper and the city disaster prevention
     Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Takayuki Numabe
   Disaster prevention plan of the 2-2 skyscraper
     Nihonsekkei Yudai Hieda
   A 2-3 skyscraper and the latest disaster prevention facilities example
     Taisei Corporation Sachihiro Hayashi
Three chapters AI, IoT
   Inflection of the IoT X AI in the 3-1 large-scale building
     NTT facility Takeshi Watanabe
   The group management elevator which supports smooth movement in 3-2 birr
      (destination floor reservation system)
     Hitachi Building Systems Munetoshi Minakawa, Daisuke Futagawa
   A 3-3 skyscraper and latest management, maintenance technology
     Johnson Controls Kiyokazu Chida
Four chapters environment consideration
   A 4-1 skyscraper and environmental consideration technology
     Takenaka Corporation Yoshifumi Sakaguchi
   About a 4-2 nature lighting system
     This magazine editing specialty committee member Seiichi Kinoshita
Thunder protection facilities (lightning equipment) of the five chapters high-rise
    Ace Lion Corp. Kiyotaka Takano
JECA FAIR 2019 - 67th electric facilities industry exhibition ...
   The highlight of this year! 
    JECA FAIR 2019 practice chairperson Tsutomu Nishiyama
Summary of the 58th product contest participation product
    Exhibitor name & exhibition contents
Technical promotion
   I hold a technology development briefing session in Yurtec Corp. 2018
         Yurtec Corp. Hiroyuki Kusakari
   In Kandenko Co.,Ltd. 2018 technology development, improvement example briefing session - certain technique - representing the future
         Kandenko Co.,Ltd. Akihiro Harada
Technical commentary
   About a face recognition system of NEC
     It is utilization ... by ... global sporting event
         NEC Corporation Noboru Yokoyama
The completion example introduction
   Facilities plan of the Takeda global head office (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
         Nihonsekkei Shingo Koyama
Exhibition report
  To see the 43rd global environment and harmony exhibition "ENEX2019" of the energy; and (2)
         Manabe professional engineer office Shizuo Manabe,
         Miyata energy management person office Shigekazu Miyata
  Thing necessary for the spare time witty saying 431st qualification
        Committee member KAZU specialized in this magazine editing
  ―The article second to become - mind that an editing committee member chose
   LCC comparison of the dye cloth using paper patterns according to the power supply with a built-in battery of the LED emergency lighting equipment
        Kandenko Co.,Ltd. Tatsuma Kasahara
  I got a qualification in this way
   ―- 26 that I get the qualification even if busy
         Kinden Corp. kyotanigyoken
  The first grade electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture
    2018 subject examination questions and the commentary ninth
        Committee electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture WG specialized in this magazine editing
  An electric facilities memoirs 204th eight grave village is the town of history
        Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama
  Starting farming for the year of electric facilities archeology grounding and the thunder protection
    Thunder protection technology - outside thunder protection system ... of the Episode 5 Meiji era
        Nippon Chiko Takashi Shoda person
Visiting Web sites (the 204th) Japan lighting industry society
Committee committee member, chief examiner specialized in original this magazine editing, editing publication committee member
 I mourn over the death of Fumihiko Tsukamoto
A cover photograph: Approach sensor KDSS1 (Miwa electrometer)

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