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Monthly electric facilities technology (2019)

The latest issue table of contents contents [December issue] special feature latest datacenter

In a special feature
   This magazine editing specialty committee member Hitoshi Kitaura, Hiroki Ikeda
About the current situation of the one chapter datacenter and a future trend
   Association of non profit organization Japan datacenter Naohiro Masunaga, Kei Imamura
Two chapters power supply plan
  2-1 facilities architecture, power supply, the supply of electric power, grounding system
   Nikken Sekkei Motoki Kato
  Power supply plan of the 2-2 server
   Fujitsu Ltd. Seima Sakurai, Ami Toyofuku
The present of the datacenter air conditioning that upsizing, high fever density of the three chapters datacenter develops by becoming it
   NTT facility Takuya Yusa
Four chapters disaster prevention system
  4-1 standalone type super high sensitivity smoke sensor NEM-912
   Nittan Co.,Ltd. Tomoki Kubo
  The effectiveness of the seismic isolation technology in 4-2 earthquake measures
   THK Hideki Murao
About five chapters "whisker" measures
   Hitachi, Ltd. Shingo Matsumoto, IBM JAPAN, Ltd. Hajime Kato
Six chapters latest board circumstances
   Kokubun Electric Shigeru Terakado        57
The preparation of the seven chapters power supply loss and facilities protection at the time of the disaster
   At Tokyo main wisteria truth 61
  Research -Part2 about the technical trend and systems construction of the wireless LAN―
   Association of NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO technology, committee specialized in safe committee information and communication
Exhibition report
  On seeing the fifth undergrounding promotion exhibition
   Manabe professional engineer office Shizuo Manabe, Miyata energy Administration Office Shigekazu Miyata
  The side trip "Roadside Station" of the spare time witty saying 438th drive
   Committee member Lighthouse specialized in this magazine editing
The first grade electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture
  2019 subject examination questions and the commentary fourth
   Committee electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture WG specialized in this magazine editing
― Article to become - mind that an editing committee member chose
  Work rationalization utilizing the getting out the eighth laser pointer sumi device
   Kinden Corp. Tatsuji Kurahashi
I got a qualification in this way
―- 33 that I get the qualification even if busy
   Toenec Corp. Daisuke Sakai
Academic conference, association introduction
  The eighth energy, resources association
   Energy, resources association, Central Res. Inst. of Electric Power Industry Hiroshi Asano
I look at the building walk whole country of the cultural heritage and walk
  69 Hyogo diplomatic establishments (former Hyogo central government office building)
   A.S gijutsushijimushokaku*
 Starting farming for the year of electric facilities archeology grounding and the thunder protection
  Lightning rod of the early period of Episode 12 Showa
   Nippon Chiko Takashi Shoda person
 Trip to electric facilities memoirs 211th Malaysia (5 baggage)
   Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama
 2018 electric facilities material connection material (2)
   Association of NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO material Committee
2019 "electric facilities technology" synthesis table of contents
New product introduction
Administrative movement
Intake of orders findings (for August, 2019) of the electrician business
Building start of construction floor space of total demand electric energy, September, 2019 of July, 2019
Material news
Electric facilities-related new book information
Exhibition guide
Association of person of visiting Web sites (the 211th) (public corporation) Japanese lightener
List of electric facilities-related magazine main pivot articles
The industry brief correspondence
Reader questionnaire
Cover photo courtesy: THK

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