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September, 2018 issue

A special feature: Protection and examination of the electric equipment
  • 2018-9 month issue
    • 2018-9 month issue

2018 9 issue

A special feature: Protection and examination of the electric equipment

Product number:2018年9月号 No.790
Body price1,286円(税別)
In a special feature

 It is required that the recent high pressure facilities to receive decrease an influence accident more than now because reliability is found more. With the electric equipment that I got an electric power company distribution system and the protection cooperation to reduce an accident                                     A certain thing is a necessary condition, and it is important that each apparatus has an appropriate protector.
 When I get it for this special feature, and a strange train examines protection of providing it, I explain a system to protect, and I want to be utilized as a document having you understand the principle of the apparatus by an accident of the electric equipment and an abnormal phenomenon.
 I comment on a summary and a plan about various inspection and, about an examination of various inspection, explain an introduction including a characteristic, usage of an examination, inspection instruments using a purpose, a way, a method, the inspection record of various examinations. In addition, I extract it than "the voluntary inspection and spot examination of the electric equipment" of this association issuance about the bills of the examination record and publish it.

Special feature table of contents

In a special feature

  Committee Naohiro Imamura, Kaoru Igarashi specialized in this magazine editing, Jun Watanabe
A function and role of the protection in the one chapter electric equipment
 Influence on consumers from a 1-1 distribution system trouble
   ㈱Nikken Sekkei Mitsuo Kawai
 About the setting examination example of the 1-2 overcurrent protection relay
   Tokyo Electric Power power grid Yuji Takahashi, Yoshihiro Tamegai
 Protection method of 1-3 facilities to receive
   Mitsubishi Electric hakumori*, Masami Tahira

Examination of the two chapters electric equipment
 2-1 protection relay examination
   Kiriyama Electric Administration Office Shigeru Kiriyama
 Examination for 2-2 record table
   This magazine editing specialty committee Naohiro Imamura
 Trend of a lot of 2-3 examination device
   ㈱MUSASHI INTEC Keiichi Irie
The spare time witty saying
   It is nothing new to say it is a human trunk the 423rd
    Committee H.I. specialized in this magazine editing
18 that I did it this way, and took a qualification
   ―I get the qualification even if busy―
    Sanki Engineering Kazumasa Murayama

Electric facilities memoirs 196th recollection
    Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama

A cover: Kiriyama Electric Administration Office offer
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