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    Chairperson Kiyoshi Goto
 I pushed forward an association activity for establishment of the independence of will of the electrician company and improvement of the social status while association of NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO (den*kyo) starting as "electric facilities industry society" in 1948, and planning the improvement of expansion and activity of the meeting.

 Through construction of the electric equipment and the maintenance management, support a lifeline connected directly with a people's life and economic activities, and the electric equipment construction business carries a mission to provide security and the relief of living people on Japan, and put it together in local needs as the whole country group which an electrician company organizes in the times and den*kyo lasts for 70 rest of life, and is active while it is the core, and this electrician company has the support such as related den*shikizai makers and the cooperation of the electricity companies.

 Many social roles were pursued in the electric equipment construction industry with the social change. In addition to the inflection of the electric facilities technology for the electric steady supply, it is still the place that takes pride in the Great East Japan Earthquake when the approach for utilization and energy saving measures of the renewable energy for the low-carbon society realization is expected as the role that we industry should carry out in function maintenance of the electric equipment at the time of the natural disasters such as an earthquake, the tsunami and safety measures, the watches of the night of the lifeline in a big opportunity.
 We develop more promotion of security and the separation ordering of the appropriate, rational order environment, an activity of the diversity including the approach to security, upbringing and the productivity improvement of the leading figure with the cooperation with the groups in conjunction with the electric equipment technology positively including each branch office, metropolis and districts Dengyo association so that supply, maintenance, maintenance of the high quality electric equipment are performed based on such a social request continuously adequately continuously and will push forward an activity towards "the electric facilities industry with a dream and the purpose of life to value a person and environment" as acting den*kyo.
 I hope that I have your understanding, support.
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