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June, 2018 issue

A special feature: An accident example of the electric equipment and the preventive measures
  • 2018-6 month issue
    • 2018-6 month issue

June, 2018 issue

A special feature: An accident example of the electric equipment and the preventive measures

Product number:2018年6月号 No.787
Body price1,286円(税別)
In a special feature

 Possibility to become the electric shock casualties disaster is very high in the accident of the electric equipment. In addition, in the hospital facilities, an operation error of one breaker might take human life. In the high information-oriented society, the blackout that occurred from an electric accident triggers it, and a vast economic loss including a data loss and the communication block may occur. By this special feature, I want to expect the consciousness improvement of the electric equipment engineer by knowing the measures from an accident example to occur with an accident and an apparatus (haifundembanto) due to natural environments.

Special feature table of contents

The latest issue table of contents contents [June issue]
An accident example of the special feature electric equipment and the preventive measures
In a special feature
  This magazine editing specialty committee Hiroki Ikeda, Yukio Ichibangase, Ikuya Nishio
1.About an accident example of the electric equipment and the cause, measures
  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto Tohoku industry preservation supervision department electricity security section
2.Deficient example of the grounding construction
  Nippon Chiko Takashi Shoda person
3.Accident measures example of the switchboard
  ㈱Kokubun Electric Shigeru Terakado
4.About knowledge and a check method to prevent an accident
  (public corporation) Association of Tokyo Electric management engineer publication Committee
5.Water Tolly measures by the live wire diagnosis
  (one) Japan Electric Wire & Cable Marker's Association Yoji Koike
6.An accident example and measures of generation facilities
  (one) Internal combustion power generation facilities association Akira Numata in Japan
7.Maintenance and measurement of the PV system
  HIOKI E.E. Masao Higuchi
8.Making example of an investigation in the repair work and the plan
  Toko Electrical Construction Tsuyoshi Shimazaki
9.About the safe measures articles such as the insulation protective gears
  yotsugi Kishida existence law of nature
10. Trend of a switchboard, the panel
  About the panel using the 10-1 push in method terminal stand
  (one) Supply of electric power control system industry society River Yutaka Haraki in Japan
  Force of "the zero screw ™ terminal stand" to solve the problem of the 10-2 construction site
  HIROSE ELECTRIC Teppei Komatsu

The spare time witty saying
   The stomach of the 420th dragon swallows it
    Committee L size specialized in this magazine editing
15 that I did it this way, and took a qualification
   ―I get the qualification even if busy―
    ㈱KINDEN Tetsuya Takahashi
I look at the building walk whole country of the cultural heritage and walk
60 Keisuke Kinoshita Memorial (association of old Hamamatsu Bank)
    A.S gijutsushijimushokaku*

The electric facilities memoirs 193rd but "bread"
    Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama

A cover: Kokubun Electric, Toko Electrical Construction, HIROSE ELECTRIC, yotsugi㈱

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