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September, 2019 issue

The front line of the special feature battery technology 
  • 2019-9 month issue
  • Table of contents
    • 2019-9 month issue
    • Table of contents

2019 9 issue

The front line of the special feature battery technology 

Product number:2019年9月号 No.802
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In a special feature

I reported the state-of-the-art of the storage technology that was essential to system stabilization of the electricity with the April, 2018 issue in the process that renewable energy increased about "a storage technology of the electricity energy". The fifth basic engery plan was devised in May, and a long-term policy to 2050 was shown again. A design toward the future to super smart society of Societty5.0 where I advanced from the changes from industrialized society of Societty3.0 where we are placed in to the Societty4.0 information-oriented society to more is shown now here. I control it, and it is intended to take the supply-demand balance of the most suitable energy by communications networks such as 5G where a change element is deployed to in future while securing a power supply becoming the base. You touch it about an approach to save electricity to become the pivot in keeping the balance from such a point of view, and to adjust it to, and what kind of battery technology is as of now, or please explain it.
I had you explain it about the development trend of the battery in two chapters about the Societty5.0 super smart social way by this special feature in Chapter 1 in the next generation. Lithium battery that demand was increasing most and nadonitsuite touched it in four chapters in three chapters about basics of the battery and UPS which I used. I had you explain it about proof experiment demand response DR, virtual power plant VPP which were a transition period in forming smart society in five or six chapters. I have you speak the disposal, the recycling of the rechargeable battery which is rapidly increasing by the spread of EV in future in seven chapters. I had you mention concrete content about an examination matter accompanied with the UPS update of the real datacenter in nine chapters about a characteristic of UPS using the lithium ion battery in eight chapters.
About the technique described this time, there is the thing of the course of the development, but I have it continues and watch it closely and want you to deepen recognition as a technique to prop up future IoT society.

The front line of the special feature battery technology

In a special feature

This magazine editing specialty committee member Ikuya Nishio, Seiichi Kinoshita
For one chapter smart community
         Waseda University Hideo Ishii
Development trend of the current situation of LIB for the two chapters emplacement and the next-generation battery
         National research and development corporation National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Hironori Kobayashi
Way of thinking of three chapters battery facilities
  Basics of the 3-1 battery
         Description of GS YUASA Nunotani sum
  About facilities plan using a 3-2 battery
         This magazine editing specialty committee member Ikuya Nishio
Four chapters battery
  4-1 phosphoric acid iron lithium ion battery
         Murata Manugacturing Co., Ltd. Yasutaka Kimura
  The lithium ion battery which used 4-2 lithium titanate for a cathode
         TOSHIBA energy systems Takenori Kobayashi
  4-3 total solids lithium ion battery
        Hitachi Zosen Corporation Sosuke Nishiura
  4-4 zinc rechargeable battery
        NGK INSULATORS Yuichi Gonda, Kenshin Kito
High control type DR proof business with the five chapters NAS battery system
        Tokyo Electric Power energy partner Koji Tanaka
Proof experiment about the six chapters virtual power plant
  Approach of the 6-1 Kansai VPP project
        Kansai Electric Power Co.,Inc. Tomoyuki Ueda
  Construction of the virtual power plant utilizing the consumers resource including a 6-2 heat storage tank, the battery
       Azbil Hiroshi Ozawa, Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd. Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
Recycling, the disposal of seven chapters battery
       GS YUASA Satoshi Kashima
Construction of the battery system for UPS using the eight chapters lithium ion battery (SCiBTM)
       TOSHIBA infrastructure systems Ryu Ishizaki
Uninterruptive power supply change example in nine chapters certain facilities
       Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Shiro Arimoto
The completion example introduction
   Electric equipment plan of the sun life Nihonbashi building (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
      Nihonsekkei Koichi Ueno
  A summary and business of "the law about the energy consumption performance gain of the building"
     JAPAN ERI Takashi Uchida
The spare time witty saying 435th smartphone and intellectual power
    Committee member H.I. specialized in this magazine editing
―The article fifth to become - mind that an editing committee member chose
The introduction results of the drone in the electric equipment construction
    Kandenko Co.,Ltd. Kazuki Miura, Junpei Takemoto, Yuzo Tomita, Hideki Yamashita, Shinji Sakane,
    Yuki Asami, Kenji Tsunoda
I got a qualification in this way
―- 30 that I get the qualification even if busy
    Sumitomo Densetsu Co.,Ltd. Hideaki Itabashi
The first grade electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture
    2019 subject examination questions and the commentary first
    Committee electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture WG specialized in this magazine editing
Academic conference, association introduction
   The fifth Japan experiment dynamics society
     Japanese experiment dynamics society Toru Sawai
  Trip to electric facilities memoirs 208th Malaysia (2 travel expenses)
     Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama
Starting farming for the year Episode 9 of electric facilities archeology grounding and the thunder protection
  Lightning rod of the Japanese style architecture
     Nippon Chiko Takashi Shoda person
New product introduction
Administrative movement
Material news
Intake of orders findings (for May, 2019) of the electrician business
Building start of construction floor space of total demand electric energy, June, 2019 of April, 2019
Electric facilities-related new book information
Exhibition guide
Visiting Web sites (the 208th) information and communication facilities association
List of electric facilities-related magazine main pivot articles
The industry brief correspondence
A cover photograph: Sun life Nihonbashi building/Nihonsekkei <photo courtesy>

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