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December, 2018 issue

A special feature: Improvement of the spot productivity
  • 2018-12 month issue
    • 2018-12 month issue

2018 12 issue

A special feature: Improvement of the spot productivity

Product number:2018年12月号 No.793
Body price1,286円(税別)
In a special feature


Special feature table of contents
In a special feature
  Committee Yoshiya Sakurai, Kaoru Igarashi specialized in this magazine editing, Hiroki Ikeda
The productivity improvement, person of one chapter building trades-saving about becoming it
   Japan Federation of Construction Contractors Kunihiko Horie
Approach of the two chapters administration, examination contents
 Promotion of i-Construction for approach - repairs to affect productivity improvement in the 2-1 government office repairs business―
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tsuyoshi Yamada
 About directionality of a problem and the correspondence for the medium-and-long term securing of 2-2 electricity preservation human resources
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry industry preservation group electricity security section
The current situation and problem of the productivity improvement in the three chapters electric equipment construction
    Association of NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO technology, safe committee productivity improvement new technology examination WG
Approach of the four chapters architecture company
 The 4-1 public Building (overall building)
    Taisei Corporation Yoshifumi Tanaka
 4-2 apartment (apartment complex)
    Haseko Corp. Wataru Ohashi
Approach of the five chapters electricity construction company
 Improvement of the productivity by the method of construction to precut of the 5-1 cable rack
    Toko Electrical Construction Yuta Saito
 Approach to the efficiency that utilized 5-2 3D laser scanner, a getting out laser sumi device
 Productivity improvement (1) by the development of 5-3 tools
    Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
 Productivity improvement (2) by the development of 5-4 tools
    Kinden Corp. Kazuyuki Hidaka, Yushi Morita
 Improvement of the productivity by the education of 5-5 people
    Sanki Engineering Co.,Ltd. Toshio Nakayama
 Development of the branch line drawing method of construction by the 5-6 mobility
    Toenec Corp. Yuichiro Nozaki
 Construction efficiency of 5-7 wire type perpendicular wiring support member "mirakkurada"
    Sumitomo Densetsu Co.,Ltd. heimokugo*
 Development of the 5-8 clamping torque management system
    Yurtec Corp. Kazuhiko Suzuki, Daichi Kadowaki
The tool which developed labor saving in six chapters construction inclination at a point of view
   IKURA SEIKI Shuichi Otagaki
Seven chapters stepladder-free precedent wiring tool "comfortable sky tool"
   Negros electrical industry Yoichiro Konno, Yuta Umeno
Measure for eight chapters productivity improvement and drawing, the spot management application
   Kyoritsu Electrical Insturments Works Masanori Takaishi, Lego squirrel Shiori Ueda
Technical promotion
 Construction person skill tournament holding electric in 2018 in the 51st
 I hold a technique, a skill tournament in Kandenko Co.,Ltd. 2018
 Committee I.N. specialized in impression this magazine editing after the spare time witty saying 426th reading in turn
The first grade electricity construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture
 2018 subject examination questions and the commentary fourth
 Committee specialized in this magazine editing 
 Electric construction construction management technology certification examination examination lecture WG
I took a qualification in this way
 ―- 21 that I get the qualification even if busy
  NTT facility Takao Kudo
Look at the building walk whole country of the cultural heritage, and walk; 63
  Sapporo-shi museum (former Sapporo court of appeal)
  A.S gijutsushijimushokaku*
 Electric facilities memoirs 199th volunteer
  Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama
Material 2017 electric facilities material connection document (2)
  Association of NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO material Committee
2018 "electric facilities technology" synthesis table of contents
A cover photograph: Kyudenko Corp., Kinden Corp., Sanki Engineering Co.,Ltd., Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
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