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July, 2019 issue

A special feature: The latest yard information and communication, low current facilities
  • 2019-7 month issue
  • Table of contents
    • 2019-7 month issue
    • Table of contents

2019 7 issue

A special feature: The latest yard information and communication, low current facilities

Product number:2019年7月号 No.800
Body price1,286円(税別)
In a special feature

 Electricity facilities, the power equipment is heart and muscle if they compare it to people, and it is brain and a nerve, and the yard information and communication, the low current facilities are the five senses such as eyes or the ear. Electricity facilities, the power equipment contributes to building value as strength of facilities. The communication facilities continue providing new service with high convenience by increase of the recent information and increase, low cost of the ability for information processing, and the technological change is remarkable. However, it increases for we industry to depend on a maker and the specialized construction company of the latter facilities and has been become the flight recorder. Therefore an emphasis is placed in wiring classification or the route between the apparatus about a case and the construction that a design condition is not arranged enough in the design, and accumulation of the knowledge seems to be lack for more information about a system.
I had you added the places that wanted the design and construction side to consider it in particular more such as makers with getting more specialized knowledge about the yard information and communication, low current facilities by this special feature and explain it.

Special feature table of contents

In a special feature
This magazine editing specialty committee member Shinsuke Suzuki, Seiichi Kinoshita
Cyber physical security measures guidelines in the one chapter building system
        keisumisangyoshotsu*go, kahatake*ki
Two chapters yard information and communication facilities
  2-1 LAN facilities Kyowa Exeo Corp. Yoshinori Ito
  2-2 wireless LAN facilities Allied Telesis Yoshinori Anzawa
Three chapters low current facilities
  Precaution at the time of the construction of reception facilities for the 3-1 new 4K8K satellite broadcasting
       Japan Cable Television Engineering Association Yoshikazu Shirayanagi
  3-2 intercom facilities (for the apartment complex) Aiphone Co.,Ltd. Yoichiro Kayama
  It is Rios Kazuki Kimoto about the current situation of 3-3 parking lot facilities and future introduction of IT
  Latest trend TOSHIBA infrastructure systems Hiroko Hotta of 3-4 electricity monitoring facilities
Four chapters crime prevention, disaster prevention facilities
  4-1 access control device Azbil Yuichi Kamata
  4-2 surveillance camera Panasonic system Solutions Japan Yasuharu Maeda, Takeshi Shimizu
  4-3 automatic fire information facilities (general control panel) Nohbi Bosai Ltd. Yasuhiro Mori
JECA FAIR2019 58th product contest receiving a prize product decision!
  The electric equipment prize from an academic society prize winner decision Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan
  The member of this magazine editing specialty L size that heart is excited for the skill of the witty saying 433rd innovation in the spare time
  ―The article fourth to become - mind that an editing committee member chose
   Development of the *fukudensosaku simulation software
   Kandenko Co.,Ltd. Yasuhiro Matsumura
Academic conference, association introduction fourth environmental technology association environmental technology association, Osaka Kyoiku University Hiroshi Hiroya
I got a qualification in this way
―History of 28 - Taisei Corporation Ibaraki banks that I get the qualification even if busy
Electric facilities memoirs 206th spot meal (Iraqi 1982)
   Moriyama professional engineer office Shigeru Moriyama
Starting farming for the year Episode 7 of electric facilities archeology grounding and the thunder protection
    Western-influenced architecture architecture and lightning rod - school - Nippon Chiko Takashi Shoda person
New product introduction
Administrative movement
Registration electricity construction nucleus skill person course of lectures for qualifying
Intake of orders findings (for March, 2019) of the electrician business
Material news
  Building start of construction floor space of total demand electric energy, April, 2019 of February, 2019
Electric facilities-related new book information
Exhibition guide
Association of visiting Web sites (the 206th) construction konsarutantsu
List of electric facilities-related magazine main pivot articles
The industry brief correspondence
A cover photograph: Aiphone Co.,Ltd., Nohbi Bosai Ltd.

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