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The electric facilities industry with a person and a dream and the purpose of life to value environment


JECA (Japan Electrical Construction Association) was launched in 1948 with the name of Electrical Construction Society. We have been concerned to make the association upgrading and expanding, and electrical construction companies' encouraging initiative, seeking social status. 
We always cooperate with our members all over Japan, and work together with prefectural associations, manufacturers and distributers for various business of electrical construction. We have been involved in the growth and development of electrical constructions industries as national-center more than 60 years.
Now it's a serious problem to supply electrical power stably after the accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant on 3.11 (Great East Japan Earthquake). We maintain the important lifeline which supports economy, industry, and our life in Japan. So we should strengthen safety measures against natural disasters, correspond flexibly to the change of the situation of supplying energy, demands of saving energy. It's also important to provide the knowledge and technology for engineers working on site. 
Through these things above, we are expected to strengthen the saving-energy project and using renewable energy in a positive way to achieve the low-carbon society, which is our medium to long term policy.
We have such a societal demand, we still promote good electric construction business by various measures including the engineering improvement, the business foundation and stable source of manpower. Our mission is to make the electrical construction industry more attractive business with respect people and the environment. It will lead to find motivation in the works for the engineers.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
President, Kiyoshi Goto 


 Security, upbringing of excellent human resources is the pivot of the healthy development of the industry, and I am full of that I call you together for development of the whole electric facilities industry, and, in the electric facilities industry which is labor-intensive industry, the youth whom young worker population carries the future on under the decreasing environment is done with an important problem by the industry.
 I wrestle by an own effort and, in the cause member company of such a background, am carrying out a working experience, the internship of the student for the purpose of improvement of the working awareness of the youth and the contribution to the community in severe management environment.
 Taking into consideration the importance of this approach, I establish the grant system to support the internship that a small and medium size member company carries out as an association, and a burden on internship supports a member of relatively big small and medium size company in the whole industry and aims at the electric facilities industry finding the human resources who, as a whole, are excellent.


The Association aims at promoting the healthy development of electrical construction business and its related business, contributing to the progress of people's security and well-being and public welfare, reconstructing industry, and enhancing culture.

Business Operations

  1. Investigation and research to build up rational and appropriate bid system, construction production system
  2. Investigation and research to streamline electrical construction business and relevant business
  3. Investigation and research on technologies related to electrical construction business and relevant business
  4. Investigation and research on accident prevention measures and environmental conservation in electrical construction business and relevant business
  5. Investigation and research of materials, equipment, tools, etc., necessary for electrical construction business and relevant business, and improvements thereof
  6. Publication and publicity of investigations and researches carried out by the Association, provision of guidance, issuance of magazines and books
  7. Training employees engaged in electrical construction business and relevant business
  8. Holding lectures, workshops, and inspection tours; holding JECA FAIR
  9. Promotion of technological exchanges with fellow trade organizations in other countries
  10. Sending requests to government agencies and other organizations having ties with the Association; provision of answers to inquiries
  11. Other business operations necessary for achieving the objectives of the Association


Jul 26, 1948:
 The Association was founded with the name of Electrical Construction Society.
Apr 28, 1949:
 The Association was renamed as Japan Electrical Construction Society.
Nov 2, 1950:
 The Association was approved by the Construction Minister as an incorporated association.
May 12, 1954:
 Companies that manufacture and sell electrical construction materials joined the Association in their capacity as Special Members. Electrical construction companies were shifted in status to Ordinary Members to reinforce the organization.
Jun 5, 1969:
 The statuses of the electrical construction companies and those which manufacture and sell electrical construction materials were all changed to Regular Members to reorganize the Association into a new type of organization which unifies construction, manufacture and sale. The Association was renamed as Japan Electrical Construction Association, Inc., or JECA.
May 18, 1984:
 Fellow trade organizations in all prefectures joined JECA in their capacity as Regular Members together with those which exclusively deal in electrical construction work, in an effort to dramatically strengthen and expand the organization as a group specializing in electrical construction business. Resultantly, we requested those manufacturing and selling electrical construction materials to continue cooperation with us in their capacity as supporting members.
Jul 26, 2008:
 We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Association's foundation.
Apr 1, 2011:
 The Association established as a General Incorporated Association. We keep on developing our business to make the industry evolving.

Characteristics of JECA

- We are only nationwide association as dedicated to electric construction business.
- We hear and reflect the members' view in our measures. 
- We propose the industry's requires to political and business establishment.
- We provide useful information on the administration and the market to members by e-mail newsletters every month.
- We provide the results of each committees' survey through our website's special page for our members.
- We supportvarious lectures and workshops held by our members to secure and train human resources.
- We support and promote internships held by small and medium sized enterprises.
- We publish monthly magazine "DENSETSU-GIJUTSU (Electrical Construction Technology)" and publishing reference books of technology.
- We hold the exhibition named JECA FAIR every year for electrical construction equipment, materials and tools.
- We manage the website of electronic catalogue, JECAMEC, that specifications and detail information on electrical construction items are available free for charge.

Organization chart


JECA FAIR is one of the biggest exhibitions in Japan that exhibits electrical construction equipment, materials, tools, construction results and technologies, companies' efforts and many other useful information. It is held every year, alternates between Tokyo and Osaka.
The first show was held in 1957 as named "Excellent EC Equipment and Materials Fair", then in 1962 changed its name to "Japan Excellent EC Equipment and Materials Fair ", then in 1975 "ECEMF (Electrical Construction Materials and Equipment Fair). In 2012, the fair marked the 60th anniversary and renewed its name to "JECA FAIR". It is enjoyed by many persons of industry as a once-yearly big event.
Many exhibitors apply for "Product Contest" which is held during the fair. They aim to be awarded 11 prizes such as the Minister of Land, Infrastructure award, Transport and Tourism award, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry award.


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