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Riku routing fair 2019

 The securing of excellent human resources who carry the future so that the electric equipment industry which is labor-intensive industry develops soundly in the future is essential, and the making of structure to plan the job promotion of the young fellow containing is hurried.
 I carry out the approach of following two to be able to leave in the fifth year to plan the job promotion to the electric equipment industry containing in our association and send the charm of the electric equipment industry and plan the job promotion to the member company containing.

2.Setting of the JECA FAIR 2019 "electric equipment industry promotion corner"

 With the opportunity that nyushoku did in "a discussion form" the spot engineer of eight to play an active part in the front line by charm or the way of working of the electric equipment construction industry to the students who had arrive to the venue (from Wednesday, May 22, 2019 to 24th Friday, Tokyo Big Sight west 1.2 hall) during the JECA FAIR session in the electric facilities industry to work is particular, and the message video from the industry introducing in charm and the social role of the industry with the spot picture by "the work of the electric facilities industry" other than a success story, the failure in the days of the new face broadcasts "welcome to the electric facilities industry".
 In addition, I place leaflets such as the company profile of the member company in this section and contribute information for an introduction, the adoption of the member company to students.
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