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Electric facilities technology order form

 1.Input of the orderer information

Please input the information of the orderer.
Member / nonmember ※required
Company name
Position department
Applicant full name ※required
Applicant full name ※required
Zip code ※required
Address ※required
Phone number ※required
E-mail ※required

2.Year, month issue choice of the electric facilities technology

You choose a year, the moon of the electric facilities technology in hope of an order, and please input the number of copies.
・To June, 2008 (Heisei 20) issue: 1,265 yen (tax-included)
 ※But April, 2007 issue, the May, 2008 issue do not have stock.
・From July, 2008 (Heisei 20) issue: 1,389 yen (tax-included)
・Annual subscription (it includes the postage): 17,220 yen (tax-included)
 ※Please list the application in a communication column more than five kinds.
 ※The purchase one desired, please refer for stock in before 2001 (Heisei 13).
Electric facilities technology
/ / Issue
The number of copies
(Half-width number)

Annual subscription
Period of the annual subscription application
/ / From an issue
3.Payment method choice

Please choose one of next 1-3.
In addition, is an order from nonmember; a payment method of the price "2 or "3 should be shipment after confirming payment of the price bank transfer" when is a postal transfer".
※ The transfer previous engagement seat connects in conjunction with an amount of money after the order in reply.
Payment method ※required
A payment method of the price, please be careful "1 when it is collect on delivery delivery to home" as customer is responsible for delivery to home charges and the COD fee.
 The COD fees are as follows.
Total amount of money of the order price and delivery to home charges Fee
Less than 10,000 yen 300 yen
It is less than 30,000 yen more than 10,000 yen 400 yen
It is less than 100,000 yen more than 30,000 yen 600 yen
More than 100,000 yen 1,000 yen
A payment method of the price about the postage in case of ".bank transfer 2" or ".postal transfer 3"
 ・As for the postage mentioned above, less than amount of order 10,000 yen are 500 yen nationwide.
  (10,000 yen or more are free shipping except a case of the collect on delivery)
 ・In addition, a payment method of the price "2 or add up the postage, and bank transfer", please pay "3 to "the book price" when is a postal transfer".
4.Questionnaire column
(if there is an opinion, a request, about the contents of the electric facilities technology, please fill it out.
The future I refer to it.)
Questionnaire column
5.Communication column

Communication column
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