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Committee activity contents

 In our association, I establish the next committee permanently, and research is active through the setting of the specialized committee depending on a theme in order to contribute to improvement such as management, a technique, education, the security of the electrician company.
 In addition, when a matter to examine in particular occurs, I organize a special committee and develop operation after discussion.

1.Committee constitution

(as of October 11, 2018)
The governing board
Kentaro Egawa
Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Policy Board
Koichi Maeda
Kinden Corp.
Technique, safe committee
Shoji Nishimura
Kyudenko Corp.
Management plan committee
Tsutomu Satake
Yurtec Corp.
Material Committee
Tsutomu Nishiyama
Nishiyama Electric
Publication Committee
Masatoshi Suzuki
Human resources Committee
Yuji Kume
Toenec Corp.

2.Jurisdiction office work of each committee

The governing board
 In response to a command of the permanent board of directors, I assume it an engine discussing a basic matter of the association administration, and jurisdiction is doing the next matter.
  1.Discussion of the basic policy of the association administration
  2.Examination of the discussion matter to the board of directors and the permanent board of directors
  3.Cooperation cooperation with association of metropolis and districts Dengyo
  4.Public information
Policy Board
 Jurisdiction is doing the next matter to plan the development of the electric facilities industry and position improvement.
  1.I work on promotion of the separation ordering
  2.Research about the basic system about the construction industry
  3.Research about a bid, the contract system of the public construction
  4.Research about the public construction multiplication problem
  5.Enforcement of the discussion meeting with the public construction ordering engine
technology, safe committee
 Jurisdiction is doing the next matter to plan improvement of the quality of an electric equipment and construction technology and security, the environmental technology.
  1.Standard of the electric facilities technology, research about the standard
  2.Efficiency of the construction, research about the technical improvement
  3.Research about the new technology (renewable energy, information and communication, smart grid)
  4.Research about disaster prevention facilities
  5.Multiplication of the electric equipment and research about the database
  6.Promotion of the spot security work
  7.Research about the environmental technology of the electric facilities business
management plan committee
 Jurisdiction is doing the next matter to plan the improvement of the management power in the electric facilities business and the promotion such as international exchanges.
  1.Research about the rationalization of the construction production system
  2.Research about the overseas development
  3.Enforcement of the order investigation
  4.Research of the taxation system
  5.International exchange
  6.Examination of the construction career up system

material Committee
publication Committee
 Jurisdiction is doing the next matter to plan an offer of the information to members and improvement of the nature such as engineers.
  1.Issuance of various publications for an electric facilities engineer, skill people
  2.Issuance of monthly technical magazine "electric facilities technology" (general marketing)
  3.The reporting that utilized a homepage the e-mail magazine "electric facilities industry"
human resources Committee
 Jurisdiction is doing the next matter to plan security, upbringing of human resources in the electric facilities business.
  1.Research about security, upbringing of human resources such as engineer, skill person
  2.Examination of the furtherance policy for security, upbringing of human resources
  3.Upbringing, the authorization of the registration electricity construction nucleus skill person and utilization
  4.Research about the remedy of working conditions, the service
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